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List of books

Sharing some interesting books that helped reflect, create insights and better identify and formulate my ideas

How to have a beautiful mind - Edward de Bono

Gentle Action - David F Peat

Blackfoot physics - David F Peat

Inleiding tot verwondering - Cornelis Verhoeven

Art and fear - David Bayles & Ted Orland

Arthur Schopenhauer - Rudiger Safranski

Heidegger en zijn tijd - Rudiger Safranski

De vertraagde tijd - Arnold Cornelis

Leiderschap bij verandering - John P Kotter

Over wijsheid - Edward de Bono

Het slimme onbewuste - Ap Dijksterhuis

Winnen zonder strijd - Sun Tzu - P van der Roest

The original I Ching Oracle - Rudolf Ritsema and Shantena A Sabbadini

De oorsprong van het kunstwerk - Martin Heidegger

Change design - Tim Brown with Barry Katz

Leadership is an art - Max de Pree

The art of possibility - Rosamund Stone Zander, Benjamin Zander

Dromen en droomduiding - Volmar & Fiebig

De wet van de stimulerende wanorde - David Freedman, Eric Abrahamson

From Good to Great - Jim Collins

Quantum change - William R Miller

How to read a modern painting - John Thompson


Some Highlights

exhibition Impressions

Feb-Mar 2006 - Damrak 65 Amsterdam - AEX business exhibition

Group exhibition - Brouwer Family

Mar 2007 - Galerie De Ferbylding - Warns

exhibition Verwondering

Sep-Oct 2007 - Gallery Atelier Open - Amsterdam

exhibition and event -  Island feeling

Vincent Zwart (sealife photographer) - Maurice van Tilburg

Including writer/artists: John Jansen van Gaalen, Teun de Winter

Oct-Dec 2007 - Gallery Atelier Open - Amsterdam

exhibition Beautifully Different

Feb-Mar 2008 - Gallery Atelier Open - Amsterdam

exhibition A New Day

Art project: 7 interviews with foreign people living in Amsterdam

Writer: José Duurland - photographer: Vincenzo Corné, drawings: Maurice van Tilburg

Presentation August 2008- Amsterdam

exhibition - art work overview

Nov 2008-Jan 2009 - Gallery Atelier Open - Amsterdam

exhibition book presentation Junior Jetsetters Guide to Amsterdam

21 drawings of Amsterdam - Mar 2009

exhibition smalldrawing business cards

Involving 35 artists in creating original small drawings

Aug-Sep 2009 - Gallery Atelier Open - Amsterdam

PICNIC Art Project - Creative Spam

Winning team of art competition

Presentation of Creative Spam to PICNIC international seminar 2010

june 2010 - Dortmund e-Factory

Exhibition Barcelona Showcase - Casa Batllo (Gaudi)

Exhibition of art work through Funky Art Gallery

Around 2000 visitors, 14 July 2012


Maurice van Tilburg

"Drawing has always been my passion, addiction and a way to create my own world,” says Maurice van Tilburg. The world that he creates is one in which darkness and light coexist in a dynamic relationship. “My style,” he says, “is very intuitive and needs a flow and dynamics.” Having started out by making realistic drawings and pastels, the artist was led toward abstraction after seeing to the works of the CoBrA movement, particularly the paintings of Pierre Alechinksy. Alechinsky’s influence moves strikingly forward in van Tilburg’s work, with its mix of bright and dark colors, and juxtaposition of primitivism and modern sophistication.

Working in acrylics, van Tilburg applies his colors with a combination of delicacy and intensity. While his palette makes use of the saturated shades that acrylics provide, the artist mixes his acrylics with water, giving those colors a lightness that brings watercolors to mind. The result is a bridge between the two media, giving the artist a way to realize the “deep expression” that is a central goal of his work.

Agora Gallery


Other sites

Creative Spam website where concepts of Creative Spam are explained and background information


Blog on reflective art, and parallels between art and leadership


Amsterdam Gallery where many of my works are/were exhibited


Illustrated guide to the Amsterdam illustrated guide at Amazon.com


Also available at bookmasters or goodreads

A New Day project - quoted on website Circulo Dilecto

Special toasties

World Conference of IT 2010 - speaker

link to speaker information Maurice van Tilburg

Blogger Polle de Maagt about smalldrawing business card

Blog of Polle

Cartoon website Sigmund - about a crazy psychiatrist, from Peter de Wit

Reference to exhibition of cartoons: Peter de Wit, Paul Stellingwerf, Maurice van Tilburg


Blinded tourist art project website - Marielle Videler


Punkmedia video interview



Book list

Other sites